Visiting a new Church can be awkward, trying to guess what to expect can be a little worrying and so let me take a moment to let you know what to expect when you drop by. 

How long is your service?

Our service typically runs from 10:30 til 11:45, with a lot of talking before and after, we enjoy being around each other and fellowship means a lot to us. (Currently, due to covid, we are meeting at 11:00 online)

What about kids?

Ordinarily we offer children classes and a nursery, however COVID 19 has caused a lot of changes in our services for the time being. Families are currently sitting together in the services with the expectation that nursery and children’s classes will resume soon. 

We are very kid friendly and you will meet several families with young children in the service. We believe that one of the worst sounds in the world is a church without children, and families with children are encouraged to attend, no one minds the sounds of kids being kids. 

What’s the service like? 

We offer a mix of traditional hymns and contemporary music, and our preaching is verse by verse through the scripture. All in all it is an informal time of worship, prayer and study of scripture. 

How do people dress?

If you wear a tie we will know you are a guest. Most people wear casual clothing you’ll see a mix of skirts, jeans polos and t-shirts.